What Is Scalefusion UEM?
  • 11 Oct 2023
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What Is Scalefusion UEM?

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What Is Scalefusion UEM?

Scalefusion UEM is an all-encompassing endpoint management solution that allows organizations to seamlessly manage, monitor, and secure their diverse fleet of digital devices. With Scalefusion, IT teams have the power to implement device and data policies, ensuring compliance and enhancing productivity.

Our user-friendly dashboard ensures that, regardless of technical expertise, your team can easily navigate, configure, and maintain your device ecosystem.

Diving Deep into Scalefusion's Framework

Three primary constructs form the foundation of Scalefusion UEM: Devices, Profiles, and Device Groups.


A device in the Scalefusion context represents any digital endpoint that can be managed by the UEM solution. This encompasses smartphones, tablets, laptops, and other digital touchpoints that your employees or organization deploy.

Every interaction or configuration change made on a device, be it app installations, software updates, or security scans, gets logged and can be reviewed in the Scalefusion dashboard.


Profiles represent individual or grouped configurations tailored for specific needs or employee roles within the organization. For instance, a sales profile might allow access to CRM software and restrict certain social media apps, while an IT admin profile may have elevated device permissions.

Each device managed by Scalefusion is associated with a profile, ensuring that it adheres to the defined configurations and restrictions set by the IT team.

Device Groups

Device Groups are a way to cluster and manage similar devices under one umbrella, making it easier for IT teams to apply common settings, restrictions, or applications. For example, all tablets used by the sales team can be grouped under "Sales Tablets", allowing for efficient management and deployment of necessary tools and configurations to that specific group.

By utilizing Device Groups, organizations can streamline device management, ensuring consistency, and simplifying bulk operations.

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