Scalefusion September 9th, 2022 Release Notes
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion September 9th, 2022 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v40.1.0

Scalefusion Android Agent version: Sv8.6.19

Release Notes:

  1. DEP Enrollment Enhancements: We have made the following enhancements to the DEP Enrollment for iOS and macOS devices:
    1. Attach per device Profile or Group for DEP Devices: In addition to the default QR Code configuration that can be attached for DEP devices, now IT Admins can attach per device profile/group. This can be done through Download For Enrollment option that has been added on DEP devices listing page, which allows you to download the Report for devices that are pending enrollment.
    2. Device Profile and Group name listing: The DEP devices page now lists the profile/group attached with the device.
    3. Download Report: With this option on DEP device listing page, IT admins can download all devices that are in enrolled state.
  2. We have released a patch which contains fixes to the following issues:
    1. Distance Report
      1. Fixed the inconsistency in recording pitstops.
      2. All devices are now displayed in filters.
    2. Data Usage report syncing is tied up with report sync flag.
    3. Power off was getting blocked in Lock Task Mode. This has been fixed.
    4. On publishing the app with app update on reboot flag, the open & update option is now displayed on long press of the App.
    5. While publishing apps from Enterprise Store, the device group or User group is not hidden if same version is published again on the groups.

The Team

Development: Rajan Prajapati, Ujwal Patil, Lalit Boraste, Ajay Anarse, Amrata Pathak

QA: Chandana Tirumalareddy, Manoj Sutar, Saili Chavan

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