Scalefusion October 13th, 2023 Release Notes
  • 17 Oct 2023
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Scalefusion October 13th, 2023 Release Notes

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Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v47.1.0
  • Scalefusion Android Agent: v12.0.4-IC

Release Notes:

  1. View Updates & Patches: IT Admins can now view all the updates and patches available on your EMM managed devices.

  2. Preferred Installation  Network for Enterprise AppsAdmins can now configure if the enterprise apps should install over Wifi only or any network.

  3. Modern Password Complexity Rules: Switch to the modern password complexity rules and avoid password management related challenges on your Android 12 and more devices.

  4. Selective Component Blocking: On your Lenovo, Samsung & Wingman supported devices, choose to block selective components of an app that can cause data or compliance leaks.

  5. Application Delegation: Leverage the power of app delegation by delegating certificate management, app management, permission management, configuration management to trusted 3rd party applications.

  6. Secure Input Method: You can now change the default Keyboard/Input method on EMM & Wingman supported devices. This allows you to enforce an inhouse or third party keyboard that is compliant with your IT policies.

  7. Power off when not charging: We have extended the ability to power off the device when not connected to USB on Lenovo and devices that support Wingman.

  8. General Management Enhancements:
    1. Allow Wifi State Change: Prevent Wifi from turning off when in Airplane mode is turned on by disabling this setting on your EMM managed devices.
    2. Lift to Wake Control: Configure this setting to enable or disable lift to wake feature on devices that have a compatible Wingman.
    3. Clear App Data in Agent Mode: We have extended the option to clear app data from Scalefusion home screen, to agent mode. If enabled, users can long tap and clear app data from Scalefusion home screen.
    4. Clear FRP Emails on Factory Reset: When factory resetting a device, you can now choose to clear the factory reset protection emails allowing you to bypass any personal activation accounts configured on device.
    5. MVNO Type and Value for APN: If your carrier requires you to configure an MVNO type and a value, you can enter these in the APN configuration wizard.
    6. Terms of Service for Enrollments of Company Owned Devices: Enable the option of showing terms of service to end users during Company owned enrollments of devices. This can be selected while creating an Enrollment/QR Code configuration only if you have configured a TOS.
  9. Scalefusion Browser Enhancements
    1. Override SSL Errors:  Enable this to override SSL errors presented by intranet sites or websites using self-signed certificates.
    2. Allow loading Insecure Web content: Enable this to allow legacy websites to load insecure content. 
    3. Allow user agent spoofing to enable Google Sign Ins: Enable this if your web-app requires Google sign in using Scalefusion browser.


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