Scalefusion November 24th, 2023 Release Notes
  • 08 Dec 2023
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Scalefusion November 24th, 2023 Release Notes

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Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v47.5.0
  • Scalefusion Android Agent: v12.1.3-IC

Release Notes:

  1. Configurable Update Policy for Play for Work Apps
    1. Global App Update Policy: Now IT Admins can choose a custom app update policy for Play for Work apps, by overriding the policy in Device Profile. The option is available under Restrictions > Device Management > Application Management Settings. This policy controls the overall update policy for Play store.
    2. Per-App Update Policy: IT Admins can now create Update configs that allows them to choose between Immediate/Postpone and other options with respect to a Play for Work app. These update configs can then be published to different profiles as per the update requirements of that profile.
    3. UI Restructuring of View Status window: The view status window for all types of app deployments, is restructured and can be viewed in full screen now.
  2. Certificate Management Enhancements for Android Devices
    1. IT Admins can choose to give access of a client certificate to an installed app or all managed apps and also specify URL patterns. As a result, the application to which this certificate is granted, can use it without asking the user to select a certificate. Visit here to learn more.
    2. On devices with Android OS 10 and above, password policy does not need to be applied now for installing certificates.
    3. On EMM Managed devices, CA certificates can be removed from Device Level Actions as well as from Device Group Level actions.
    4. Users can allow installing and managing certificates manually on Company Owned devices also by enabling setting from Android Device Profile.
  3. Bug Fixes 
    1. Wifi related Issues: Fixed issue related to dropping of Wifi connection 
    2. Wallpaper causing Scalefusion to crash: High resolution wallpapers were causing Scalefusion Home screen to crash. This has been fixed.


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