Scalefusion June 12th, 2024 Release Notes
  • 19 Jun 2024
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Scalefusion June 12th, 2024 Release Notes

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Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v52.0.0
  • Scalefusion MDM Agent (agent app for Windows): v15.0.0
  • Scalefusion MDM Client (agent app for macOS): v3.12.4
  • Scalefusion MDM Agent (Android): v14.0.0
  • Scalefusion MDM Agent (iOS): v3.6.0

Release Notes:

NOTE: This is a major release and involves considerable changes. Please make sure to verify the update on a few devices before mass rollout.

  • Introducing SSO Configurations, powered by Scalefusion OneIdP, that provides a simplified Identity and access management. With the new Scalefusion MDM Agent, admins can configure conditional access to their Web-Application (SAAS or On-Prem) that supports SAML based authentication, ensuring that corporate assets are accessed only on a managed device.


  • Team Scalefusion

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