Scalefusion July 23rd 2020 Release Notes
  • 28 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion July 23rd 2020 Release Notes

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Article summary

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v 20.7.0
  • Scalefusion Android Client: v 7.1.1 (774)

Release Notes:

  1. Android Certificate Management : IT Admins can now push Certificates from console to managed Android devices. The support is backward compatible till Android 5.0 devices.
    Please refer help document to understand how it works on DO and non-DO devices.

  2. Enterprise wifi for Android : IT Admins can configure and push Enterprise Wifi with Certificate based authentication.

  3. Developer API for 3rd Party Apps : Using this feature dashboard allows admin to approve the applications that allows customer's enterprise apps can query Scalefusion agent and get information about Enrollment status and Hardware Ids to build conditional access in their apps.

  4. Disable Home & Recent key: Disable Home & Recent key on Android 8.0 EMM managed Kiosk devices.

The Team

  • Engineering: Chandra, Satish
  • QA: Viraj, Preeti, Priyanka, Neha, Tejashree
  • Help Doc - Shally

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