Scalefusion January 24th, 2024 Release Notes
  • 24 Jan 2024
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Scalefusion January 24th, 2024 Release Notes

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Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v48.5.0
  • Scalefusion MDM Agent (Agent app for Windows): v11.4.0
  • Scalefusion Android Agent: v12.1.13
  • FileDock for Windows: v4.1.0.0

Release Notes:


  1. New FileDock for Windows:We have updated FileDock for Windows to be compatible with Agent-based Kiosk mode and with Windows Home. The highlights of the new FileDock are:
    1. File Explorer type of View
    2. Support for Nested Folders
    3. Support for Windows Home
    4. Enabling FileDock in Agent based Kiosk Mode or multi-app kiosk mode
      Admins will be able to use new FileDock by first publishing from the App Management section.
  2. Windows MDM Agent Enhancements
    1. Updated Single App Mode UI on Dashboard: We have made it easier than before to configure Single app mode and configure the additional parameters.
    2. Command Line Arguments for Single App Mode Win32 App: When using a Win32 App in single app mode, you can pass additional command line arguments as if you would launch the app from command prompt. This works for Agent based kiosk mode only.
    3. OneID Enhancements:
      1. Intuitive Support for Entra Joined Devices: Users can either use the Other User option or the Add Work Account option to login with their Entra credentials for a device that is Entra joined.
      2. Support for Windows Hello: In addition to a seamless Microsoft Entra/Azure login flow, OneID now also supports Windows Hello if configured in Microsoft Entra.
      3. Improved Password Policy Handling: Users trying to login Online using their IdP (Google Workspace or Microsoft Entra) credentials, will be displayed with a suitable warning if there is a password policy is applied and will need to update their IdP password using IdP portal to meet the password requirements. 
      4. Support for Longer usernames: OneID now supports usernames with more than 20 characters.
        1. We will truncate it upto 20th character and in case of conflicting names, we would be adding a counter for ex. 00, 01, 02  
        2. The full username will be used as the display name on the login screen so that users can identify their accounts.
        3. On the Dashboard, in Device Details > User Account Management, the truncated user name will be displayed.
  3. Enhanced capabilities in Windows Scalefusion Deployer: Scalefusion's Windows Deployer (an add-on application that lets users generate silent installers for Scalefusion MDM Agent that can be used for auto-enrollment) has been enhanced where IT Admins can now use this tool to achieve following capabilities:
    1. Generate custom packages for third party apps, files, scripts that can be deployed via Scalefusion Dashboard.
    2. Packaging multiple files into one exe and deploy on devices. Different type of files that can be packaged and deployed are:
      1. Exe and MSI 
      2. Script files 
      3. CMD, Bat files
      4. Mixed File Types: Support for Mixed file types, that is generate one installer by packaging multiple exes, scripts, cmd files or exe/msi files.
    3. Ordering: Ability to define Order of Installation of exes, extraction of Files and execution of Scripts
    4. Deploy Non-Executable Files: Ability to push non-executable files like .doc, .pdf etc in specified folder location.
    5. Pre and Post Execution Checks: Ability to set pre and post execution checks and take required actions like skip or continue execution.


Android Agent Enhancements

  1. Enhanced SIM SWAP reportsSIM Swap reports will now display the Phone number and other additional details of the SIM  inserted or removed.


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