Scalefusion for Windows 10 Pro and above
  • 29 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion for Windows 10 Pro and above

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Article summary

Scalefusion MDM offers an intuitive, unified dashboard to control Windows 10 Pro and above with features ranging from provisioning, configuring, and securing the devices used in the enterprise as well as the business environment.

Functional Features

This section introduces you to the various functional options in the ScaleFusion Dashboard that help you drive your deployment. You can click on the links in the table below, to learn more about how to use these features.


Find on Dashboard


Windows Setup

Device Enrollment

A quick start guide that helps you and the admin’s on how to start managing Windows 10 devices.

  • Windows 10 Pro: Browser Based enrollment is recommended. Please refer to our guide here on the recommended enrollment method.

  • Windows 11 Pro and above: Scalefusion MDM Agent-based enrollment is recommended. Please refer to our guide here on the recommended enrollment method.

Device Enrollment Configurations (aka QR Code)

Device Enrollment

A feature that helps you create a configuration for bulk enrollment of devices. You can set a naming convention, select a Device Profile or Group and attach a license. Each configuration has a unique URL that helps you enroll automate enrollment on multiple devices.


Main Menu Item

A section that shows you a snapshot of your inventory and its management state. You can customize this view and add/remove columns that are relevant and useful to you.

Device Profile

Device Management

Feature that helps you group various policies, that can then be applied to a Device Group or multiple Devices. Depending on your strategy, create one or multiple profiles.

Device Group

Device Management

A feature that helps you group your Windows devices and attach a Device Profile. You can have a dedicated group for Windows devices for easier management, as you are free to create multiple groups.


Device Management

Let’s you create a corporate branding profile that can be applied to a Device Profile and/or a Device Group.

Wifi settings


Let's you create Wifi configurations that can be applied to Device Profiles.

Windows Utilities

Main Menu Item

Email configuration utilities for your Windows 10 devices.

Enterprise Application Management


Upload and remotely install your enterprise applications or Line of Business applications.

Windows Business Store


Publish your Windows Business Store applications from Scalefusion Dashboard

Works only for Azure AD-based deployments.

Works only for Azure AD-based deployments.

Passcode Policy


Secure your devices by enforcing a strict passcode policy.

Location Reports

Reports & Alerts

Download a report of Locations collected from your Windows 10 devices, for up to a month.

Inactivity Alerts

Reports & Alerts

Set inactivity alerts for your devices and receive daily emails when they go offline for the set period.

Admins and Roles

Profile Menu

Create multiple role-based administrators and offload some of your work.

Technical Features

A quick overview of all the features we offer and how to configure them on the Dashboard.



How to Configure(Dashboard Location).

Application Blocking

Block selected Windows applications from being allowed to run. You can block only UWP apps or apps installed from Windows store.

  • Windows Device Profile

Application Allowing

Select the list of applications that should be allowed. You can allow both UWP and Win32 apps.

  • Windows Device Profile

Allowed Websites

Choose to Allow websites that a user/device is allowed to browse.


Allowing websites works with Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge v77 and above only.


  • Windows Device Profile

Google Chrome / Microsoft Edge Configurations

Configure various policies for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge (v77 and above) usage.


  • Windows Device Profile

Single App Mode (Kiosk Mode)

Configure an application run always and set the Device in Kiosk Mode.


  • Windows Device Profile

Wifi & Network

Configure various Wifi and Network related settings, like restricting users from connecting to Wifi, or enforcing a corporate Wifi and preventing users from configuring Wifi. Also lets you control Proxy settings.

  • Windows Device Profile

  • Utilities > Wifi Settings

Home & Lock Screen Wallpaper

Create Branding and specify a home screen wallpaper. Branding can be applied to a Device Profile.

  • Branding

  • Windows Device Profile

Edge Browser

Configure a wide range of settings related Edge browser behaviour like start page URL, cookie policy, browser extension, flash settings etc.

  • Windows Device Profile

Security & Search

Configure device security settings like camera, sync settings, developer unlock & Cortana related settings.

  • Windows Device Profile

Exchange & Email Settings

Configure Exchange Active sync or POP/IMAP settings. Create multiple configurations and apply to Device Profiles.

  • Windows Utilities > Exchange Settings

  • Windows Device Profile

Device Sync Interval

Choose an interval that ScaleFusion uses to poll your devices for latest Device Information including Location.

  • Windows Device Profile

Device Information

View critical device information for every device, like Management status, last connected time, Windows OS version, BIOS version, account & domain name, firewall & antivirus status.

  • Device Details View


Enable/Disable location collection at a device level. ScaleFusion collects location based on IP address of device.

  • Device Details View

Device Level Actions

Take device level actions like reboot, factory reset, or set custom properties.

  • Device Details View

Passcode Policy

Define and apply a passcode policy for your devices.

  • Enterprise > Passcode Policy


Configure BitLocker settings that helps you control the encryption policies for the Windows 10 Devices.

  • Device Profile > Settings > BitLocker

Windows OS Updates

Configure policies that control Windows OS Updates management.


  • Device Profile > Settings > Windows Updates

USB Peripherals

Helps you to remotely configure the USB devices a user can connect or block.

  • Windows Device Profile > Settings > Scalefusion Agent Settings > General

Enterprise Data Protection

Configure policies that help you protect enterprise data on employee or company-owned Windows 10 devices.


Next Steps

Well, now that you know the features that ScaleFusion offers, go ahead and read our Enrolling Windows 10 Devices guide to enroll your first device.

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