Scalefusion February 28th, 2024 Release Notes
  • 02 Mar 2024
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Scalefusion February 28th, 2024 Release Notes

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Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v49.0.0
  • Scalefusion Android MDM Agent: v13.0.1

Release Notes:

NOTE: This is a major release and involves considerable changes. Please make sure to verify the update on a few devices before mass rollout.

  1. Consolidated Application Management Settings: With all the features around application management, we have grouped them under one section.

  2. Granular Uninstall Settings: Customize app management experience, by preventing users from uninstalling all managed apps or only selected apps or allowed apps only.

  3. Extended Scalefusion Kiosk Mode: 
    1. Suspend Not Allowed Apps: Choose to suspend the not-allowed apps in the kiosk mode there by making sure these apps don’t consume background resources or data.
    2. Allow Access to All Apps: By disabling the Restrict Apps Policy, use Scalefusion Kiosk mode as a complete launcher for all apps. By default all allowed apps are displayed, and the user gets an option to access All Apps installed on the device.
    3. Additional Gestures to access Settings in SAM Mode: You can now choose from 4 new gestures that can be used to access settings when the device is in single app mode.
  4. App Blocking Settings: In addition to defining apps that should be blocked or uninstalled if found, you can now quickly block the well known apps that can cause users to bypass a Kiosk mode by using our recommended apps shortcut. Please note only on supported devices you can block activities inside an app whereas on others you can only block the complete app.

  5. Time & Day Based App Access: Admins can configure a time and day based app access rules for the allowed apps. Additionally in Scalefusion Kiosk mode, choose whether to suspend the app completely or soft block it and show a message when the user tries to access the app.

  6. Data Usage Controls: Block selected apps from consuming metered/mobile data and save on mobile data costs.

  7. SIM Binding Enhancements
    1. Admins can now choose to dynamically bind the device to a SIM based on the first SIM detected or a custom property allowing for easier configuration
    2. We have provided options to connect to a Wifi when the device is locked due to a SIM Swap/removal event to overcome accidental SIM Swap/removal locks.

  8. Policy Enhancements for Company Owned Devices
    1. Disable SD Card: Disable the usage of SD Card on Samsung Knox and Lenovo devices.
    2. Wipe SD Card: Choose to wipe the SD Card of a device or a group of devices on your Samsung Knox devices.
    3. Configure Navigation Mode: Change the navigation mode between 3-button, 2-button or gesture based on Wingman supported and Lenovo devices.
    4. Display Battery Percentage: On Wingman supported devices, choose to display the battery percentage left in the status bar.
    5. Phone Number in Lost Mode: Admins can now add a phone number when the device is in lost mode and if the device has cellular connectivity, then the number can be dialed.

  9. Compliance Enhancements for Company Owned Devices
    1. InActivity Compliance Workflow: Choose to clear app data or reboot or factory reset the device if it is not connected to the internet for a given duration.
    2. GeoFence Compliance Workflow: Configure a Move-In message in addition to the Move out message for geofence compliance Workflows.

  10. Bring your Own Device Enhancements
    1. Device Configuration for BYO Devices: We have extended enrollment and post enrollment device configurations to BYO enrollments. This allows you to collect user information post the device is enrolled in BYO mode.
    2. Enrollment Specific ID for BYO Devices: You can now retrieve the enrollment specific ID for BYO devices which is a constant Id across enrollments. This ID can be helpful as BYO devices don’t report IMEI/Serial numbers. Scalefusion uses this ID to automatically reconcile the devices if the same user re-enrolls their device.
    3. Connected Work Apps Support: Enable Work-Apps to read data from personal apps by enabling personal side access for Work apps on the container side.


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