Scalefusion February 23rd, 2024 Release Notes
  • 14 Mar 2024
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Scalefusion February 23rd, 2024 Release Notes

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Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v48.8.0
  • Scalefusion MDM Agent (for iOS): v3.5.0
  • ProSurf Browser: v1.3.1

Release Notes:

Broadcast Message Enhancements

  1. Configure a Global Sender's Name: Using the Global settings on Broadcast Message page, IT Admins can now configure a default name that will appear under all the messages sent by any of the admins in the account. This will allow them to ensure that the name field is not pre-filled by the logged in admin’s name.
  2. Lock the Sender's Name: In addition to setting a global name, IT admins can allow/disallow the sender from changing the global name  
  3. Option to Resend Broadcast Message: An additional action to quickly resend the message has been added, so that Admins can simply select targets and send it rather than having to go through the full Wizard. With these actions Broadcast Messages can be used as templates where IT Admins can simply keep resending the stored templates.
  4. Sender's Name in Broadcast Message Workflow: IT Admins can now configure sender’s name in Broadcast Message Workflow. The existing Broadcast message workflows are pre-filled with Account Owners name as sender's name, by default.

iOS Data Protection Policies

  1. Import and view Files into Scalefusion App: We have introduced policy to allow the end user to import files into the Scalefusion MDM Client app to view them securely. The files imported in this manner will be shown in a separate section within Scalefusion MDM app. By using this, Admins can disable the Work data sharing settings and avoid the files from managed apps being stored on local files or iCloud and use Scalefusion MDM app to securely store these files.

  2. Block Screenshot / Screen Recording of Scalefusion MDM App and ProSurf: Admins can disable the ability to take screenshots from ProSurf browser and Scalefusion MDM App. Although the screenshots may be available at a device level, the files managed by Scalefusion and browser shortcuts opened via ProSurf cannot be captured.

Ability to Launch ProSurf from other Apps

  1. External apps can choose to open a URL in Prosurf browser. By launching URLs only in ProSurf instead of default browser, users can benefit from the browser restrictions applied on ProSurf including prevention of taking screenshot.


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