Scalefusion February 16th, 2024 Release Notes
  • 20 Feb 2024
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Scalefusion February 16th, 2024 Release Notes

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Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v48.8.0
  • Scalefusion MDM Agent (Agent app for Windows): v11.6.0 

Release Notes:

  1. AMAPI Companion App and Support for Enterprise WiFi: We have released an app called Scalefusion Companion App which helps in installing the User and CA Certificates on AMAPI based devices as AMAPI does not offer any inbuilt mechanism for the same. With this, you can also pre-grant certificate access to installed applications that may require a certificate for their use. You can also push Enterprise WiFi on AMAPI based devices.

  2. Workflows: We have made the following enhancements to Workflows,
    1. Support for Broadcast Message Workflow for macOS
    2. Ability to select All Groups in Workflows instead of selecting each group. This is helpful for workflows which require bulk action like Reboot or Compliance.
  3. Windows MDM Agent
    1. Support for RAM Usage in Device Info: The latest agent now provides you the total RAM usage as per the latest sync. This information can be viewed in device details, in devices information or downloaded as a form of report from Device inventory.
    2. Enhancements: For a better QoS and responses to policy changes, we have implemented a new mechanism that allows the MDM agent to establish a low bandwidth connection with our backend. 
    3. Issue Fix: In certain cases, the pending reboot flag was not reset even after the update is applied on the device and the reboot is complete. This has been handled now. 


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