Scalefusion December 5th, 2023 Release Notes
  • 04 Jun 2024
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Scalefusion December 5th, 2023 Release Notes

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Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v47.5.0
  • Scalefusion Android Agent: v12.1.5-IC
  • Scalefusion MDM Client (agent app for macOS): v3.0.12
  • Scalefusion MDM Agent (agent app for Windows): v11.0.0

Release Notes:

  1. Shared Devices & User Based Profiles(UBP)
    On macOS and Windows devices, now IT admins can control which device can be shared and by whom, based on their user groups. They can define rules for ungrouped users and cross-group sharing and configure auto-logout time on the machines as well. Profiles will be applied based on the user that has logged in.

  2. OneID (IdP based Sign-In backed by Conditional Access)
    With OneID plugin and configuration, IT admins can enforce users to sign in using Google Workspace, Microsoft Entra or Directory credentials and secure the access by defining the conditions that need to be fulfilled to allow them to login. Along with this you can also customize the login screens on macOS and Windows  and configure a bunch of other settings for login screens.

  3. Directory (OneIdP)
    With Directory, IT admins can now create and maintain an inbuilt directory of users. In this they can create users with custom domain (on verifying it) or with a default domain (ending with offered by Scalefusion. For cases where users simply need a username and password to login to machine it allows you to choose an alternative user directory. You can also leverage the benefits of Directory's remote user management to reduce the overhead of managing local accounts.


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