Scalefusion December 22nd 2020 Release Notes
  • 28 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion December 22nd 2020 Release Notes

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Article Summary

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v24.0.0
  • Scalefusion Android Client: v7.4.0-IC(784)

Release Notes:

This is a major Android Client release. Please test on a selected group of devices before a mass rollout.
  1. Speed Based Policies: You can now enforce speed based policies and block usage of all applications or specific applications when the vehicle is in motion. Click here for help doc.

  2. Battery History Report: Get deeper insights into how the battery is performing by getting a historical report on charge and discharge times. Click here for help doc.

  3. Silent Setup (absolute) for Kiosk devices: For certain supported OEMs, SF setup can be completely silent without manual intervention. This means that during enrollment you wouldn’t have to give any permissions explicitly. Click here for help doc.
    Duplicate Entries for Wingman will be listed in System Settings. To Support silent setup we have updated the package name of Wingman that is Versions 4.2 and higher version of Wingman. This is expected one and Scalefusion will use latest version.

  4. Extended Secure Settings for Kiosk devices: For devices that support Wingman, you can now control certain secure settings like Disabling Home/Recents key, Disabling USB Debugging and Safe mode.

  5. Support for Remote Control on Zebra devices: Use Zebra’s OEM Config to configure remote control and control the device from Scalefusion Dashboard to provide remote support.

  6. Disable OTA Updates: Disable OTA Updates completely on Lenovo Tablets & Samsung Knox supported devices. This can be done from Device Profile > Secure Settings. Please note Allowing OTA updates does not always automatically update the device but allows the user to update from Settings app if they have access to the app.

  7. Extended Support for Spanish & French Language

  8. Minor Bug Fixes
    1. Timezone now gets applied correctly.
    2. File Upload Browser now shows the chooser properly.

The Team:

  • Development: Lalit, Satish, Divya, Ujwal, Chandra, Nitin,
  • QA: Preeti, Priyanka, Saili, Neha, Tushar
  • Help Content: Shally

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