MobiLock October 29th 2018 Release Notes
  • 29 Sep 2023
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MobiLock October 29th 2018 Release Notes

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Version Information

MobiLock Dashboard v7.2.0

MobiLock Pro Android Client v4.0.0

Release Date - 29th October 2018

Release Notes

  1. Setup UI updated and Request for new Permissions. Read our new enrollment guide here.
    1. A new theme for the setup screens and permission screens.
    2. To comply with Google Play Store policies we updated the MobiLock’s target SDK version. This would require a few more permissions during the device setup.
  2. UPGRADING THE ANDROID CLIENT ON EXISTING DEVICES on Android 6.0 and above devices
    1. Since the target SDK version of MobiLock has been changed, this would require a new permission to be granted explicitly. The permission is to Write System Settings. An option to Complete Setup would be shown in the 3 dots Menu.
    2. Without this Permission, the features related to controlling the Brightness, Device Rotation, Hotspot and Screen Timeout will NOT work.
    3. Please read our help document on the actions post-upgrade here.
  3. Added support for Multi-Geofence
    1. Now apply multiple geofences to devices and monitor the events.
    2. Use the View Logs option right on the Geofence page to filter the events using various properties.
  4. App-Notification badges on MobiLock lock screen
    1. A Notification icon will be shown on the MobiLock lock screen whenever there is a new notification from allowed apps. These are non-actionable visual cues.
  5. Choose to Play MobiLock notification sound on EMM devices
    1. Some OEM’s are blocking the default sound on EMM (setup using afw#mobilock) devices. Enable the option under Android Utilities > Global Settings > Play Sound for Incoming Notifications to play a notification sound. Note that this option is generic and your user’s might end up hearing two sounds.
  6. Allow Users to Clear App Data and Uninstall application from MobiLock home screen
    1. Enable these settings in Device Profile > Homescreen Settings.
    2. Once enabled, end-users can long press on the app icon on MobiLock home screen to either clear data or uninstall the application.

Clear App Data - Works only on supported devices.

Uninstall Application - On the device, the option is shown for non-critical system applications. If user uninstalls an enterprise application then the application will be downloaded and installed again.

Note: This is a major update to the MobiLock client so that it is compliant with Google Play Store requirements. Please test the update and other features on 3-4 devices before a full rollout.

Development Team

MobiLock Pro Dashboard & Android Client: Himmat, Lalit, Neha, Prafull, Saili, Shubham

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