Scalefusion October 16th 2019 Release Notes
  • 28 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion October 16th 2019 Release Notes

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Version Information:

  1. Scalefusion Dashboard: v15.6.0
  2. Scalefusion Android Client: v6.4.0(738)
    1. Patch: v6.4.2(742)

Release Notes:

  1. New Enrollment Method for Corporate Owned Devices: Now enroll new/factory reset Android devices right at the start screen by 6-tapping and scanning the QR Code. Please refer to the help document here.
  2. Multiple Wifi Configuration Support: Push Multiple Wifi configurations to devices in Android Device Profiles.You can select a Primary Wifi configuration and additional Wifi configurations that the user can switch between.
  3. Offline Browsing: Android Scalefusion Browser now supports Offline/Cached browsing. If the device is offline, then the browser will load the cached page if available.
  4. VPN Settings: Configure an Always-On VPN package for your Android Devices. You can configure the VPN settings in the Android Device Profile.
  5. Compliance Settings for Kiosk Devices: Enforce stricter device compliance rules by forcing SafetyNet checks and disallowing Rooted devices for your corporate device enrollments. The settings can be controlled in Android Device Profile.
  6. Permission Settings: Now you can disable Google Assistant during the device setup. You can also control this setting for enrolled devices from the Permission Settings section in the Android Device Profile.
  7. Android Password Policy Enhancements: Enhancing the password policy settings by providing options for Alphabetic, Weak-Biometric, Something or Unspecified.
  8. Updated Firewall Rules: Whitelist to your Firewall whitelisting rules. Please note that this change will NOT impact currently enrolled devices or access to Dashboard. This is suggested for future changes and the devices that will be newly enrolled.

The Team:

Development: Himmat, Lalit, Shubham, Jyoti, Nitin

QA: Neha, Priyanka, Prafull, Saili, Tushar

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