Scalefusion November 5th, 2022 Release Notes
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion November 5th, 2022 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v41.1.0

Scalefusion Android Agent version: v8.7.15

Release Notes:

  1. Scalefusion Agent and Remote Cast client are now available in Japanese and Portuguese languages.

  2. Feature Enhancements
    1. Stop Rollout of Enterprise Store Applications: IT Admins can stop the rollout of any enterprise application in case an incorrect version is uploaded or to prevent any accidental or buggy app rollouts.
    2. New APIs for MDM SDK: New APIs have been added to the MDM SDK for 3rd party applications, app management, Date/Time Management, Policy Management, and Lock/Unlock devices.
    3. Connectivity History Reports: Restructuring of the API and the mechanism of collecting Connectivity History reports. Now the reports also give mobile network history data.
    4. Remote Command to Uninstall Apps: Apps can be uninstalled via Remote commands as well.
    5. Huawei SDK support: Huawei devices can be enrolled with Huawei Assist, an application similar to Wingman containing SDK for Huawei devices. Please note that this is a Beta release.
    6. Polygonal Geofences: Along with circular geofences IT admins can also create polygonal geofences to track the movement of devices.
  3. Generic Management (Policy) Enhancements
    1. Time zone settings: New additions in timezone settings to configure automatic network time & timezone.
    2. Mac address for wifi: The Mac address is synced for all the WiFis and will show below the Wifi name in Full Device Information.
    3. Location controls for BYOD devices to offer better privacy for employee-owned devices.
    4. Option to Disable Edge Panel.
    5. Option to control Double tap to Wake.
    6. Option to control Alarm Volume.
    7. Option to set Volume levels to 0.
    8. Uninstall unapproved apps in Agent & Kiosk mode: Scalefusion MDM agent will automatically uninstall the applications that are not approved in the device profile.
    9. Prefer Chrome over Scalefusion browser shortcut enhancement.
    10. Block Incoming MMS on Samsung Knox devices.
    11. Set Lock screen to None - We have extended the support on Samsung knox devices.
    12. Schedule power off for Knox and Wingman-supported devices. Please note we can only schedule Power OFF and NOT Power ON.
    13. Use the Exit pattern to exit out of lost mode just in case the device loses connectivity.
  4. Issue Fixes
    1. Users can toggle the mobile data option.
    2. Users with full access to Playstore were not able to open the apps installed from Playstore.
    3. Keep Always ON was not functional in Agent mode.
    4. Users were able to create/connect to Hotspot using the Hotspot tile.
    5. Scalefusion Browser usage time was not added to screen time. 
    6. Please note that Scalefusion Browser usage time includes Scalefusion agent usage time as well.
    7. Fixed issues with Data Usage collection & reporting.
    8. Please note that the data usage collection improvements will improve the data collected post the update of the agent.
    9. The incognito mode was not disabled in Scalefusion Browser.

The Team

Development: Lalit Boraste, Ganesan Gopal, Ujwal Patil, Ajay Anarse, Sandip, Tejashree Dhole, Shashank, Ashish, Manish

QA: Chandana Tirumalareddy, Manoj Sutar, Saili Chavan, Monali Ahire, Preeti Verma, Sagar Lasurkar, Hrishikesh

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