MobiLock Pro November 5th, 2019 Release
  • 28 Sep 2023
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MobiLock Pro November 5th, 2019 Release

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Version Information

MobiLock Dashboard v8.0.0

Release Notes

Added support for Windows 10 device management. We have extended our Dashboard to start supporting Windows 10 devices, using the similar intuitive interface that made device management on Android & iOS easy. Explore the features here & enroll using our guide here.

We have added markers/icons across features making it easy to identify if they are supported on a particular platform or not. Look out for Apple, Android & Windows logos to make sure if a feature works on that platform or not.

Note: Please use a test Windows laptop and not your personal machine to test Windows 10.

Development Team

MobiLock Dashboard & QA: Afreen, Ashwini, Harish, Kalpesh, Pooja, Tejashree, Ujwal

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