Scalefusion May 31st, 2023 Release Notes
  • 26 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion May 31st, 2023 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v45.1.0

Scalefusion MDM Agent (Agent app for Windows): v10.0.0

Scalefusion Android Agent (Agent app for Android): v10.1.7

Release Notes:


  1. App Configuration for Android Enterprise Apps: Not all your enterprise applications are available in the Google Play Store, hence we have added the ability to configure an enterprise application right from the Enterprise apps section. The MDM Agent will read the configurations from the uploaded APK (assuming it supports App Config) and you can use the configuration wizard to configure and push them to devices.
  2. Enhanced Google Chrome Browsing Protection: As the device is enrolled, it takes a while for Google Chrome to get updated and the managed configuration to be applied via Managed Google Play. To avoid any leaks during this period, admins can choose to enforce the allowlist and blocklist policies via the MDM agent app if the device is enrolled via DeviceOwner/EMM mode.
  3. Retain SD Card data on Factory Reset: If you are an organization that provides SD Cards with content to the end users on a managed device, you can now choose to factory reset the device but still retain the SD Card content and avoid losing the data on SD Card.
  4. Extending Custom Properties to Lost Mode: To provide for more granular customizations, we have allowed all custom properties to be used in Lost mode messages. IT Admins can now use all $device. and/or $user. properties.
  5. New Policies:
    1. On the EMM managed devices, IT Admins can now enable Adaptive brightness to be turned on.
    2. On Lenovo devices, prevents users from changing Screen Lock type helps you prevent unwarranted changes to password/pin or prevent users from setting their own password/pin using settings app.
    3. On the EMM managed devices, IT Admins can disable settings access on the boot of the device, which prevents unauthorized access to settings during device power on.
    4. Admins can now disable the Settings option from the 3 dots in Kiosk mode. Please use this feature with caution as in cases where an IT Admin wants to navigate to the MDM Agent settings, disabling this will make it harder to get to this option.


  1. Windows App Catalog: We are happy to introduce App Catalog/App Repository - an all new and intuitive way to manage your 3rd party apps. Scalefusion now offers a pre-seeded list of 500 apps that can be pushed and auto-updated right from the Dashboard. Once enabled, you can start using it from Application Management > Windows Business Store > App Catalog
  2. Support for Lost Mode: We have added support for Lost Mode for Windows devices. A device where Scalefusion MDM agent has been installed, can be marked as Lost along with a lost mode message and a footnote with phone number. Once marked as lost, the device will reboot and display a blocking full screen with the configured message. We will also use the Lost Mode message to display as a Policy Banner/Lock screen message that is displayed before the Login screen.
  3. Support for Lock Screen Message aka Policy Banner: Lock screen messages are now supported for Windows devices and can be configured from the Branding section. Lock screen message can be used to display as a policy banner or message that is displayed right before the login window.


Team Scalefusion

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