Scalefusion March 3rd, 2022 Release Notes
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion March 3rd, 2022 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v35.1.0

Android MDM Agent: v8.3.6

Windows MDM Agent: v5.0.0

Release Notes:


  1. Configure a Default Admin Account: Now create a default admin account on all the managed devices by configuring the admin account details from Utilities > Global Settings > Windows Utilities
  2. Downgrade Enrolled User to Non-Admin: You can now choose to downgrade an enrolled user to non-admin/standard user post the enrollment. This would allow you to ensure that post the enrollment the user does not have admin privileges and all policies are applied to the enrolled user.
  3. Policy Targets: IT Admins can now choose the policy targets and control whether they are applied for all users or devices or only the enrolled users. The policies are,
    1. Allowed Website Policy
    2. Chrome/Edge Configuration
    3. VPN Policy
    4. Settings App Policy
  4. Bitlocker Status: We have observed some inconsistencies in the Bitlocker status using the Windows MDM protocol, so now we use the Windows MDM agent to figure the exact Bitlocker status.


  1. Lost Mode Support: With the latest MDM agent installed/updated, IT Admins can mark a EMM managed device as Lost and configure a message that is displayed on the device when the device is in state.
  2. Branding Enhancements:
    1. We have revamped the Branding section to allow you to configure branding settings in a much simpler manner.
    2. Configure a Lock screen message on EMM or Knox managed devices. You can also use wildcards like $device.imei or $device.serial to make it a device specific message.
  3. Native Notification Center: On your EMM managed devices now give the best experience of the notification center by allowing the end users to drag the top bar. You can choose to have them complete access or only Notifications.
  4. MDM SDK: We are introducing an all new MDM SDK that can be used in your enterprise apps to get the device information and perform a wide variety of actions locally on device. Download the SDK and documentation from the Developer API section of Device profile.
  5. Network Setting Enhancements:
    1. Mobile Data & Roaming: You can now allow end users to control the mobile data & roaming settings or enforce a default state for them.
    2. Hotspot: Configure the behavior of auto-connecting to Hotspot and choose to connect on every setting refresh or reboot.
  6. Generic Management Enhancements:
    1. In-App Browsing: We have introduced an experimental feature that attempts to prevent in-app browsing in 3rd party apps on EMM managed devices.
    2. Screen Orientation: Now enforce the device screen to be in Portrait or Landscape on Mobile form factors as well.
    3. Customize 3 Dots Menu: More configuration options for the menu items that are shown in the 3 dots menu
  7. Lock Screen Enhancements:
    1. Lock Screen Message: On your EMM-managed devices, you can set a custom lock screen message that is displayed on the lock screen. You can make the message dynamic using supported wildcards like $device.imei, $device.serial etc..
    2. Set Lock Screen to None: On devices that have a compatible Wingman, you can configure to set the lock screen to none.
  8. Force GPS OFF: Now IT Admins can choose to force the GPS off to meet location compliances for Company-owned and BYO devices.
  9. Disable Emergency Call Button: Admins can choose to disable the Emergency Call button shown on the Lock screen on Lenovo devices. We recommend using this option with caution.
  10. Timezone Enhancements: On Samsung Knox and Wingman-supported devices, the timezone configuration can now be applied silently.
  11. Smart Remote Control: Now Remote Control can be taken on devices running the latest version of Scalefusion and Remote Control app even if the Screen capture setting is OFF in the device profile.

The Team

Development: Ajay, Divya, Tejashree, Nitin, Lalit, Ganeshan, Nishit, Shubham, Anirudh

QA: Chandana, Manoj, Monali, Priyanka, Saili, Viraj

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