Scalefusion June 22nd, 2021 Release Notes
  • 28 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion June 22nd, 2021 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v29.0.1

Scalefusion Android Client: v8.0.0-IC(810)

Release Notes:

  1. Offline Workflows: Workflows have been extended to be executed even when the device is offline on Android devices. The Workflows that work offline are,
    1. Reboot
    2. Clear App Data
    3. Clear Browser Cache
    4. Broadcast Messages
    5. Lock Unlock
    6. Clear Files And Broadcast Messages
    7. Switch Profile
    8. Geofence Switch Profile
      Refer Help doc here
  2. Remote Commands: Now remotely launch activities or services, send broadcasts, install APKs from a folder or delete all files and folders, and open a file on one or multiple devices. Refer Help doc here

  3. Device Information Forms using Custom Fields: Now you can enforce the custom field values to be filled during enrollment. You can also allow users to change the values of custom fields post-enrollment.

  4. Branding Enhancements: Customize the look and feel of the Kiosk device even further by making the top bar transparent, selecting the number of rows and removing drop shadows for text labels.

  5. Enterprise Store Enhancements:
    1. Store support extended for v2 only signed applications.
    2. Generate a Signing certificate and use it to upload your unsigned APKs.
    3. Option to downgrade the application in case the signing certificate does not match.
  6. Block Selected Apps in Agent Mode: You can now block selected applications for devices using agent mode without any app restrictions.

  7. New Policy Controls:A bunch of new Policy Controls,
    1. Allow/Block Configuring User Credentials on BYO devices
    2. Set Lenovo devices to Power ON when a USB charger is connected or set a Power ON/OFF schedule.
      Please note that this may not work on all Lenovo devices and on certain lenovo devices when this policy is set, it cannot be removed

    3. New flag to Allow/Block backup & restore.
  8. Location Enhancements: Now you can configure to Turn GPS ON and set the required priority on devices that are EMM managed or support Wingman.
    Please note that this may not work on all devices and some devices may still show the prompt to turn on the location.

  9. Generic Enhancements & Bug Fixes: 
    1. Prevent screen dimming and ability to control brightness on Xiaomi devices
    2. Prevent users from navigating to the Settings screen while enabling WIFI in Kiosk mode
    3. Reloading the Web page explicitly once a Clear Cache command is executed
    4. Using a workaround to achieve the Keep Screen On feature on Android Go devices which natively do not support this.
    5. Preventing Notification sounds when a call is in progress.
    6. Fixed the issue where the brand logo was not loading on Kiosk devices.
    7. Fixed the issue with duplicate File shortcuts created on the home screen.

The Team:

Development: Divya, Ujwal, Lalit, Ganesan

QA: Ashwini, Priyanka, Saili, Manoj, Neha

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