Scalefusion June 21st, 2023 Release Notes
  • 26 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion June 21st, 2023 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v45.4.1

Release Notes:

License Merge & Split

  1. License Merger: A customer with multiple licenses can now choose to merge all of their licenses to a single license for easier renewals. The way the costing works is,
    1. We find the oldest expiring license and then extend all the licenses to that date. We charge them on a pro-rata basis for them.
  2. License Split:
    1. This is an on-demand feature where customer can purchase in Bulk and then Split them during the year as per their enrollments.
    2. You can also mark an existing license as splittable.
  3. Custom Properties in Workflows: IT Admins can now use custom properties in the broadcast message part of the Workflows. This allows them to customize the message that is shown on the device based on the property. The supported Workflows are,
    1. Inactivity Workflow
    2. Battery Compliance
    3. Geofence Compliance
    4. Data Usage Compliance
    5. Security Incidents Compliance
    6. Scheduled Broadcast Messages
  4. Developer API Enhancements
    1. Installed Apps API
      1. The current API of Registered Apps has been extended to return installed apps for iOS, macOS and Windows platform.
      2. A new Installed Apps API has been added to provide you installed apps grouped by device ids. This can help if there are multiple devices with multiple apps, then instead of making a call for each device, this API can take upto 100 device ids and return the apps across these devices.
    2. Encryption Details in Device Info APIs
      1. All the Device Info APIs now return the encryption status of the device. For supported platforms, we also return the encryption key.


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