Scalefusion June 13th 2019 Release Notes
  • 28 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion June 13th 2019 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v13.2.0

Scalefusion Android Client: v6.2.0-725

Release Notes:

  1. Support for Knox SDK v3.0: As announced by Samsung, the support for older Knox SDKs will be deprecated by June 30th 2019. To ensure that the Scalefusion client continuously works seamlessly, we have updated the Knox SDK. The only action required is to update the clients to the latest version. Please read our impact guide here.
    As per the documentation made available by Samsung, the Knox version will mean that new devices shipped after that date may not support legacy SDK. Also for current devices, an OS/Firmware update may cause changes to Knox SDK removing backward compatibility.

  2. Notification Settings Enhancements:With the support for Android for Work, devices that are enrolled using afw#mobilock do not play notification sounds. We have tried to get closer to mimic the OS behavior and enhanced the functionality by adding the following,
    1. Play Notification Sound based on Notification properties: A new flag under Android Utilities > Global Settings > App Notification settings, that forces the Scalefusion client to try and use the Sound file specified by the Notification object.
    2. App Notification Settings in Device Profile: We have added the App Notification settings Android Kiosk Device Profile as well, so that you can customize these settings at a profile level.
    3. General Enhancements: Some general enhancements have been made to how Scalefusion client handles notifications,
      1. Do not Play sounds for continuous/progress notifications like Video or Photo Upload.
      2. Do not Play sounds for notifications with Low priority.
        NOTE: These settings are applicable only on devices where Scalefusion is set up using afw#mobilock or set up as Device Owner. This workaround was added because of Android OS policy that specifies that if the notification (top) bar is disabled then it will ignore the notification sounds.

  3. Support for Spanish Language: We have started adding support for Spanish language for the Dashboard. The coverage is around 90% and we will be covering more areas pretty soon.

NOTE: This is a major update for Samsung devices, so we suggest that like with any Scalefusion update, you test the new version on a select few devices and roll out the changes in batches.

The Team:

Development: Himmat, Jyoti, Kalpesh, Lalit, Shubham

QA: Harish, Neha, Saili

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