Scalefusion July 16th 2019 Release Notes
  • 28 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion July 16th 2019 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v14.1.0

Scalefusion Android Client: v6.3.0-730

Release Notes:

  1. Introducing Support for Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment
    1. Samsung Knox Mobile Enrollment helps streamline the management of company-owned devices and brings Zero-touch setup and enrollment to your Samsung devices. Now you can use Scalefusion with the Samsung KME portal, push Scalefusion Android client OTA and enforce device management. Get yourself started with these Help Documents.
  2. Disable Firmware Recovery on Samsung Device
    1. A new Secure Setting for Samsung devices that support Knox that allows you to disable Firmware recovery. The option is available at: 
      1. Android Device Profile > Restrictions > Secure Settings
      2. Enterprise > Secure Settings
        Please note that this feature is Device-dependent and does not work on all the Samsung models. Disabling firmware recovery might not allow the Samsung support team to flash the device Firmware/OS in case the device needs a reflash.

  3. Enterprise Plan customers can now use external links for custom APK files upto 100MB. Instead of uploading the APK, you can provide a Link to the APK that will be published to the devices.
    1. Please make sure that the APK URL link is valid and the APK is not changed once it is published to the devices, else the device will not be able to download it or it may download it multiple times.

NOTE: This is a major update, so we suggest that like with any Scalefusion update, you test the new version on a select few devices and rollout the changes in batches.

The Team:

Development: Himmat, The Architect, Ujwal, Junip, Sriram

QA: Harish

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