Scalefusion Jan 12th, 2022 Release Notes
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion Jan 12th, 2022 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v33.9.0

Scalefusion Android MDM Agent: v8.2.9

Scalefusion Remote Cast & Control for Android: v4.7.0

Scalefusion Remote Cast & Control for macOS: v2.0.0

Release Notes:

  1. Android: We have made some changes to make the management even more easier,
    1. Improved Play for Work Status Reporting: Now IT Admins can get the detailed status of an application installed via Play for Work status. This will help you understand when the app was published, when is the next retry and errors if any. You can also quickly Re-Sync the status or choose to Re-Publish the app on devices where installation has failed. To know more, click here
    2. Consent Driven Remote Cast: For user-centric devices or privacy sensitive deployments, you can choose to ask the end user for their consent before the session starts. You can configure a global setting as the default and then override per deployment.
  2. macOS Remote Cast & Control: We have a new version of RC re-written from ground up to provide additional functionalities,
    1. Ability to take Unattended Remote Control once permissions are granted
    2. Ability to Switch between users during the session to help to switch to the admin user during remote support.
    3. Ability to control end user consent where an admin can choose to ask the end user for their consent before starting the session. To learn more about the above, please click here
  3. General Enhancements: We have added more options to secure the Dashboard Admin access to the portal by providing the following additional options,
    1. Account Expiry: Configure a date of auto account expiry for admins with access to Dashboard for a limited time. Post the date, their accounts will be deactivated and their access will be blocked.
    2. Account Dormancy-based Deactivation: Set up rules to de-activate an admin if they don't log in or are inactive for a certain period of days. For more details, please visit the help doc link

The Team:

Development: Shubham G., Jameer, Lalit, Phaninder, Rajan, Ujwal

QA: Chandana, Monali, Manoj, Priyanka B., Sagar, Viraj, Vishal

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