• 07 Dec 2023
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1. What is OneDirectory (OneIdP)?

OneDirectory is an inbuilt directory of users powered by Scalefusion that stores, verifies and manages user identities, user authentication and integration with other service providers. With OneIdP, Scalefusion not only offers the capability to create a directory of users having their own domain name but also authenticates users belonging to other Service providers.  

2. What are the uses of Scalefusion's OneDirectory?

OneIdP compliments Shared Devices for Android, Windows and macOS with following additional features:

  • Offers a free subdomain of *
  • IT admins can add their own domains and add users
  • Each user is given a unique id and password that can be used for authentication while enrolling Windows, macOS machines or Android devices

The next set of documents provides detailed process of configuring OneDirectory, User Management and enrollment of devices.

3. What are the advantages with OneDirectory?

  • As Scalefusion offers a bundled directory of users and passwords so no need to invest in Google Workspace/Azure Active Directory etc. if you don't need email or other services
  • Suitable for frontline workers
  • Handle User based enrollments and Shared devices without additional investment
  • Choose to integrate with your Service Provider to deploy Conditional Access Policies.

4. Which are the supported Identity Providers which can be integrated with Scalefusion's OneDirectory (OneIdP)?

  • Google Workspace
  • Microsoft Entra (formerly Azure AD)
  • Okta
  • PingOne 
  • On Premise AD

5. On which subscription plan is OneIdP available?

OneIdP is available on Enterprise 2023 plan.

6. How can we setup OneDirectory?

To set up OneDirectory on Scalefusion, following steps are involved: 

  1. Configure OneIdP on Scalefusion Dashboard
  2. Add Users in directory under respective domains
  3. Once you have added users, devices can be enrolled authenticating users with their oneidp/idp credentials. 
  4. Also users can login with their .oneidp/idp credentials and get controlled access on macOS and Windows devices (achieved via OneID plugin)

    The next set of documents explains the process of configuring OneDirectory, user management and enrollment of devices.