Device Details
  • 26 Sep 2023
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Device Details

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Article Summary

Scalefusion offers a way to see and perform device actions at a device level. That is you can view the details of each device and choose to perform some actions at the device level.

For ease of reading, this tutorial has been divided into 4 sections

  1. Device Information - This section helps you to view a snapshot of the device information and gives you the option to view Full Device Information. 
  2. Device View - This section gives you a snapshot of the device view, that is, information on what policies are applied and what third-party applications are installed. 
  3. Locations View - This offers you a snapshot of the current device location with an option to view the complete Location history if enabled. Note that the Locations are available only if either the Scalefusion client is installed OR the device has been marked lost. 
  4. Device Level Actions - A collection of operations that can be performed at a device level.