5 basic things to get started
  • 29 Sep 2023
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5 basic things to get started

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Welcome to Scalefusion Unified Endpoint Management (UEM)

In today's age of digital transformation, managing a myriad of devices spread across your organizational landscape can be a daunting task. With Scalefusion UEM, you don't just manage; you empower, secure, and streamline your digital endpoints, ensuring an efficient workspace that's tailored to your enterprise's unique needs.

Foundational Concepts of Scalefusion UEM

As you embark on your journey with Scalefusion, there are several core components that lay the groundwork for a successful device management strategy:

1. Enrollment: The Starting Point

  • Introduction: Before any management actions can take place, devices must first be enrolled into the Scalefusion ecosystem.
  • Flexibility: With support for Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices, and a variety of enrollment methods, Scalefusion ensures the process is tailored to fit the intricacies of your enterprise setup.
  • Benefits: Early integration means early security. From the outset, your devices are shielded, monitored, and managed according to best practices.

2. Device Profiles: Customization at Its Finest

  • Introduction: At the heart of Scalefusion's control mechanism are Device Profiles.
  • Capabilities: Define specific behaviors, restrictions, and settings for devices based on roles, departments, or functionalities. Each profile is a blueprint, ensuring devices serve their purpose effectively.
  • Scenarios: From a salesperson requiring access to a CRM app, to a warehouse worker needing specific inventory software – profiles cater to individual needs.

3. Device Groups: Efficiency through Organization

  • Introduction: Managing devices individually is inefficient. Enter Device Groups.
  • Functionality: Group devices based on criteria like location, department, or device type. Apply settings, updates, or apps en masse, ensuring uniformity and saving time.
  • Benefits: Improved oversight, quicker adjustments, and the ability to cater to shared device characteristics with a few clicks.

4. Apps & Content: Your Digital Arsenal

  • Introduction: Devices are as effective as the tools they house. Scalefusion's distribution capabilities ensure your teams have the right apps and content.
  • Distribution: Send applications, update content, or remove unnecessary tools from devices remotely.
  • Library: Maintain a repository of organization-approved apps, ensuring security and relevance.

5. Dashboard & Reporting: The Power of Insight

  • Introduction: Visibility isn’t just about oversight; it’s about making informed decisions.
  • Features: From real-time device health checks to compliance reports, the dashboard is your window into your digital landscape.
  • Benefits: Proactive problem resolution, comprehensive insights, and the ability to make data-driven decisions for improved device management.

Unleashing the Potential with Scalefusion UEM

Embrace the full spectrum of what Scalefusion UEM offers. Delve deep, familiarize yourself with its nuances, and watch as it transforms your device management strategy from a routine task into a strategic advantage. Welcome to an era of enhanced productivity, bolstered security, and unparalleled device management.