Introduction to Scalefusion for Mac (macOS) Device Management
  • 26 Sep 2023
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Introduction to Scalefusion for Mac (macOS) Device Management

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Apple's Mac devices are the second most widely used Desktop/Personal computers and are powered by macOS. Initially preferred by Graphic/UX Designers, over a period of time, Mac machines have seen wide adoption across enterprises for a variety of use cases, from developers, to employees in management positions and sales teams.

Scalefusion's Unified Endpoint Management solution makes it easy for IT Admins of an enterprise to automate the setup of Mac machines and deploy policies and applications to ensure strict adherence to corporate policies.

This document outlines the steps to get started with Mac Management and helps you manage the various features offered by Scalefusion. Click on the links below to start managing your organization's Mac devices.

Getting Started

The table below outlines the basic configuration steps and helps you enroll your first Mac device. Click on each of the steps in the table below to learn more.

You can use our Mission Control > QuickStart guide for macOS to complete the steps mentioned in this section.
Organization InfoA preliminary step which allows you to share the Organization Information with Scalefusion. If you have already done this step as a part of enrolling devices of another platform, please skip to Step 2.
Configure APNsApple Push Notification Service is the first and mandatory step to manage your iOS and Mac devices. You would need a valid Apple ID to complete this step. If you have done this step as a part of managing your iOS devices, then you can skip to Step 3.
Creating a Device ProfileBy creating a Mac Device Profile, you can choose a set of policies that can be applied to one or multiple devices. You can create multiple device profiles based on the various use cases that you have. However, on one Device, only one Device Profile can be applied.
Enrollment Configuration for Company Owned MacsEnrollment Configurations help generate enrollment URLs that can be used to enroll Mac devices to Scalefusion Dashboard and manage them remotely.
Enroll a Company Owned Mac (macOS) DeviceFollow this guide to use the enrollment URL created in Step 4 and enroll a Mac Device owned by the organization.
Enrollment Configuration for Employee Owned MacsUser based Enrollment configurations help you to associate Users with the configurations and invite the Users to enroll their devices to Scalefusion Dashboard.
Enroll a User/Employee Owned Mac DeviceFollow this guide to use the Invitation emails and enroll a device with user authentication.

Additional/Optional Configuration

The table below outlines the optional configuration steps that help you leverage the management features to the maximum. The features require you to have Apple Business Manager account and be a part of Apple's Volume Purchase Program and Device Enrollment Program.

Configure VPP
Apple's Volume Purchase Program lets you deploy applications to your Mac Devices. To distribute applications from Apple App Store to your managed Mac devices, setting up VPP is mandatory.
Configure DEP
This is an optional step and is required if you plan to manage Mac devices procured under Device Enrollment Program. DEP lets you automate the device management.


The table below gives you the various features offerings that Scalefusion provides. Click on the feature to learn more and how to use it.


Device Information & Actions

Learn about your Mac devices inventory, the device level information that you can obtain and the device level actions like Reboot or Shutdown that can be performed.
Web Content Filtering
Learn how to configure web clips, enforce strict allowing, or use them as bookmarks.
Exchange & Email Settings
Follow this guide to configure Exchange ActiveSync and/or Email settings on your managed Mac devices.
Security & Privacy
Learn how to configure Gatekeeper settings & set up Firewall and privacy settings.
Wifi Configurations
Configure & push Wifi configurations to your Mac-managed devices.
Parental/Time Controls
Configure Curfews and set time limits and prevent scheduled access to the managed Mac devices.
Passcode Policies
Secure access to Mac devices by enforcing a passcode policy.
Configure Restrictions
Gain granular control on the Mac usage, functionality and the various options that are available to the end-user.

Application Management

Learn how to distribute Applications from the Apple App Store to your Mac-managed devices.
Device Groups
Create organizational groups for your Mac devices and apply a Mac Profile to all the devices in the group.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: We have multiple users/accounts that use the same Mac machine. Will all of them be managed?

Answer: No. Currently Scalefusion supports the management of only one user per Mac. The first user/account that enrolls on the Mac will be completely managed. There will be device-wide restrictions that will be applied to all the users/accounts on the device, but the user-specific policies like Exchange/Email or Web-Clips will be applied to the user that enrolled on the device.

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