Introduction to ProSurf Browser for iOS
  • 23 Sep 2023
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Introduction to ProSurf Browser for iOS

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Article summary

ProSurf Browser for iOS is a customized browser that can be used to provide a secure and restricted browsing experience. It can be used like a Kiosk Browser when set in Single App Mode or dynamically set to run in Single App Mode using ASAM or to simply provide a customized browsing experience. 

Although iOS devices come pre-loaded with Safari, there are limited options to control it via MDM. This is where ProSurf adds value by giving you a wide range of options to meet your organizational needs. Some of the salient features are,

  • Disable the Address bar & Navigation bar and hide the Notification bar.
  • Allow unlimited URLs and set custom properties for these urls.
  • Set ProSurf to run in Single App Mode and set a URL as the default URL.
  • Integrated File Viewers for downloaded files.
  • Set Triggers so that ProSurf can dynamically enter/exit out of Single App Mode.
  • Javascript API to programmatically enter/exit single app mode from your website.
ProSurf is free to use during the Trial period. However, post the trial period, ProSurf for iOS is available only in the Scalefusion Enterprise Plan.

We have made a three-part document that guides you on how to use ProSurf. Please click on the links below for further steps,

Enable ProSurf Browser

If you are an Enterprise Plan customer, then ProSurf is enabled by default. However, if you are not and want to give it a try, this document will help you to request for ProSurf trial.

Configuring ProSurf Browser

Once you have enabled ProSurf, learn how to configure various settings for the ProSurf application, how to control settings for Allowed Websites, and how to ProSurf-related settings in a Device Profile.

Using Javascript APIs from your Website

An advanced topic that guides on how to invoke the Javascript APIs available in ProSurf so that your website can dynamically enter and exit out of Single App Mode.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I have both Safari and ProSurf enabled on my devices?

Answer: Yes, you can. However, having both of them enabled does not add much value, and in some cases, the settings may conflict. We would suggest using one browser at a time.

Question: Does ProSurf or Scalefusion collect any personal data like usernames, passwords, location, or read the website content?

Answer: No. We do not collect any personal data, including usernames, passwords, or location history. In the future, we do intend to collect information related to the page load times and/or browsing history as an Opt-In feature so that we can share those analytics only with you.

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