Introduction to On-Premise Connector
  • 25 Sep 2023
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Introduction to On-Premise Connector

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Article summary

For Scalefusion to access resources that are hosted on the customer's premises and not accessible over the open internet, a connector is required. These resources can be Microsoft Active Directory (AD) or Microsoft Exchange. Microsoft Active Directory access is needed to provide user-based features, and MS Exchange access is needed to provide Conditional Email Access (CEA).

In simple terms, the On-Premise Connector (OPC) is a medium that allows Scalefusion to establish connectivity with the services hosted in customer's premises to access, viz., their Active Directory, MS-Exchange, etc. With this connectivity, the following purposes can be achieved:

Currently, we only leverage connectivity to Microsoft Active Directory
  1. Import Users and User Groups over Scalefusion
  2. Set up AD-based access to Scalefusion Dashboard
  3. Enroll AD Users on Scalefusion
  4. Configure Conditional Email Access

Here we document the requirements and the features that we intend to support using our On-Premise Connector.

How Does it Work

Configuration requires the flow to be started from the Scalefusion Dashboard and continued on-premise with required information exchanged between the two i.e. the Scalefusion Dashboard and the On-Premise Connector instance. This establishes a standardized communication and authorizes access to on-premise resources. Further documents describe in detail the process of configuring and setting up the connector and then configuring other features.


Following is a sequential approach that enables access to on-premise resources. We have documented the requirements as separate guides. Please click on each and follow the steps thereon.

  1. Configure and Setup On-Premise Connector
  2. Set Up Microsoft Active Directory-based access to Scalefusion Dashboard
  3. Import Users / User Groups and Enroll the users


We will be using an On-Premise Connector (OPC) to refer to configurations done on the Scalefusion Dashboard side and OPC Instance for the software connector that is set on-premise (host server)

Before setting up OPC, we recommend going through the OPC Pre-Deployment guide to get an overview of how OPC works and other general information related to it that is required for an IT admin to be aware of.

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