Installing SophosInstaller on Macbook
  • 18 Jun 2024
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Installing SophosInstaller on Macbook

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The following Shell Script helps the IT Admins install the SophosInstaller on their Scalefusion-managed Mac devices.

  1. Create a file on your desktop, for example, and open it in a text editor like Notepad++
  2. Copy the contents below to the file or click here to download the file.
    # Add the download link to the
    ##### DO NOT EDIT BELOW CODE #####
    mkdir $SOPHOS_DIR
    cd $SOPHOS_DIR
    # Installing Sophos
    curl -s -O "$DOWNLOAD_URL"
    unzip $SOPHOS_DIR/
    chmod a+x $SOPHOS_DIR/Sophos\\ Installer
    chmod a+x $SOPHOS_DIR/Sophos\
    sudo $SOPHOS_DIR/Sophos\\ Installer --quiet
    rm -rf $SOPHOS_DIR
    exit 0
  3. In the above script, enter the link from where the Sophos zip file will be downloaded. For example,
    Please make sure that the link that you will be entering is a Public URL with direct access to the zip file.
  4. Follow our guide to upload & publish the Shell script using Scalefusion Dashboard.
  5. Please make sure that you keep the option for "Run script as signed-in user" as "No", while uploading the script. 
Please note that to use the Shell scripts, the Scalefusion MDM Client Application must be installed on the device(s). Please follow our guide to publish and install the Scalefusion MDM Agent Application.


1. The scripts and their contents are sourced from various albeit authenticated Apple Developer communities and forums.

2. Please validate the scripts on a test machine before deploying them on all your managed devices.

3. Scalefusion has tested these scripts, however, Scalefusion will not be responsible for any loss of data or system malfunction that may arise due to the incorrect usage of these scripts.

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