Impact of Changes in Google Play Policy Guidelines
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Impact of Changes in Google Play Policy Guidelines

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Article summary

Google Play constantly updates the Play Store guidelines so as to make sure that the applications that are published, provide a safe, secure and stable experience to customers.

What is New?

As per the latest guidelines, only an app that has been selected as a user's default app for making calls or text messages, or whose core functionality is approved for one of the exception use cases, will be able to access Call Log or SMS permissions.

This means only an android application that replaces the default phone application, can be granted the permissions required to access the incoming call notifications and modify the phone's call history.

Why MobiLock uses Call Log Permissions?

MobiLock uses the permissions related to Call Log, to provide with the following features:

  • Show an alert for an Incoming Call on MobiLock Home screen: This is useful if you want to attend or disconnect the incoming phone call or the in-progress call.
  • Clear Call Log History: This is useful when you want to clear the application data for the phone application, then MobiLock can clear the call log history as well.

What is the Impact of Google Play Policy changes on these Functionality?

We had applied for an exception to these new policies, positioning ourselves as an MDM app that allows administrators to get tighter control on the devices.

Unfortunately, we have not yet been granted the exception. This means that we would have to stop supporting the above two items/features starting Jan 9th, 2019.

So, starting Jan 9th, 2019, MobiLock will neither show an alert for incoming calls on home screen, nor it can erase the call log when an admin sends the clear app data command.

What is Next?

We at MobiLock are trying to get an exception and if so, we will follow up with a new release enabling these two features.

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