MobiLock February 14th & 22nd 2019 Release Notes
  • 28 Sep 2023
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MobiLock February 14th & 22nd 2019 Release Notes

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Article Summary

Version Information:

Feb 22nd Release:

MobiLock Dashboard: v9.4.0

Feb 14th Release:

MobiLock Dashboard: v9.3.0

Consolidated Release Notes:


  1. Configure MobiLock to manage your Zero-Touch (ZT) devices. Read our Help Docs for more details and know how to get started with ZT Enrollment.


  1. Now use DeepDive to drill down to specific information. Click on any of the Graphs and Cards to get detailed information on the device associated with the metrics.
  2. Manage iOS Updates at a Device or a Group Level. Check for the available iOS updates and Push the updates on Supervised devices. Read our help document here.
  3. Extended the support for wildcards to create dynamic configurations. Use $device.<customproperty> at various configurations in the Dashboard. Check out how to create and use custom properties here.
  4. We have added support for Activity Logs. Monitor and track audits of actions performed by your Administrators. The option is available under Enterprise > Account Activity
  5. Add Developer API to Reboot devices. Use this API to reboot devices which support reboot functionality. Please read the documentation at,!/devices/Api_V1_Devices_reboot

The Team:

Engineering: Divya, Rizvan, Shubham, Tejashree, Ujwal, The Architect

QA: Abhishek, Ashwini, Harish, Sruti

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