Enrollment Configurations for Company Owned Macs
  • 29 Sep 2023
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Enrollment Configurations for Company Owned Macs

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Article Summary

Device Enrollment Configurations are a quick and easy way to enroll your Mac devices. By creating a configuration, you can choose the default Group or Profile and a naming convention for the devices that are enrolled using this configuration.

For each Kiosk/Corporate enrollment configuration, there is one unique URL generated, which can be used on all the Mac devices that you want to enroll using this configuration. You can create as many enrollment configurations as you want depending on the number of Device Profiles that you have.

If you are looking to Invite your Employees/Users to enroll their Work devices, then please refer to Create Enrollment Configurations for Employee-Owned Mac.

Before you Start

  1. Make sure you completed the APNs upload part as per the Setting Up APNs guide.
  2. Make sure you have at least one Mac Device Profile as described in Create a Mac Device Profile.


  1. Login to Scalefusion Dashboard.
  2. Click on Enrollment Configurations > QR Code Configurations
  3. Click on CREATE to launch the configuration creator wizard.
  4. Under the Basic section, fill in the relevant details, and click NEXTonce ready.
    1. Name: Give a Name for this configuration
    2. Enrollment Type: Choose Kiosk/Agent
    3. Choose Enrollment Method: Select Enrollment Method from of the following:
      1. Userless Enrollment (Selected by default): On selecting this option, no user authentication will be asked for at the time of enrollment.
      2. User Authenticated Enrollment: Selecting this will ask for user authentication at the time of enrollment, associating the user with the device. To enable User Authenticated Enrollment, the following criteria should be fulfilled:
        1. The account should have some users added or imported.
        2. The account should have Organization Info and Terms of Services configured.
    4. Device Naming: Choose a Device Naming convention.
      1. Use OS Name: If this is selected, then the device names are pre-fixed with the OS name. In the case of macOS, they are prefixed with Mac
      2. Set Device Name on iOS & macOS devices: Users can choose to Set the device name on the device during enrollment. This flag is selected by default.
        Device Name is based on a naming convention that is generated on the Dashboard
  5. Under the Group/Profile section, select a macOS Device Profile or a Device Group with macOS Device Profile. This will ensure that the devices enrolled using this configuration will be applied policies as per the Device Profile associated here. Apply Enrollment Rules: If any enrollment rules are defined in Global settings, they get applied when a device is enrolled using this configuration. Disable this setting to skip applying the rules for enrollment using this configuration. Click NEXT once done.
  6. Device Configuration: These settings are for Android devices. For Mac, these can be skipped. Click Next
  7. The Optional Settings section helps you set a default license for the devices enrolled using this configuration. This is an optional section and can be left blank. If the selected licenses have no free slots or this option is left blank, then the next available license is used to enroll the device. Configure Wifi: Configure Wifi settings which will get applied to the device when it gets enrolled with this configuration.
    Enrollment Network Settings are configured to speed up the enrollment process when you are enrolling via 6-times tap and scan a QR.
  8. To enroll a Mac device, you would need the enrollment URL. To get the enrollment URL, click on the configuration from the list, and click on the tab Mac which displays the Enrollment URL and Enrollment Code.
  9. The following actions and options are available for MacOS enrollment configuration:
    1. Download: Use this option to download the configuration on your system
    2. Email: Use this option to have the configuration and enrollment details emailed to your Dashboard account Email.
    3. Edit: Use this option to edit the enrollment configuration.
    4. Deactivate: Use this option to deactivate the enrollment configuration.
    5. Rotate: Use this option to rotate the enrollment URL and QR Code in case you think the URL is compromised. Note that no action is taken on the devices that are already enrolled.

Once you have created enrollment configurations, head over to our Enrolling a Company Owned Mac Device guide to learn how to enroll a device.

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