Scalefusion Enterprise Store
  • 29 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion Enterprise Store

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There are some Enterprise apps that are designed to be used internally within an organization and, therefore, not hosted on Google Play Store/iTunes Store/Windows Store.

Scalefusion offers a provision that is a simple and easy way to upload and distribute your Enterprise applications (Android/Windows/macOS/iOS) to all the devices or devices in selected Device Profiles. This is enabled from the Enterprise Store accessible via Application Management > Enterprise Store on Scalefusion Dashboard.

There is a limit in terms of the number of app versions and storage space that we provide to users to upload their Enterprise Apps, which differs as per the Plan they have subscribed for. This document mainly briefs all about the same.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure Enterprise Store has been enabled for your account.

Storage Space

Subscription PlanSpace
Modern Enterprise Plan [Customers from the year 2020 onwards]2GB
Legacy Enterprise Plan [Customers who subscribed before the year 2020]200MB
Business [Year 2023 onwards]1 GB
Business 2020 [before March 2023]200MB
Growth200 MB

Application file types

The following file types are allowed to be uploaded through the Enterprise Store:

You can either browse and upload the file directly or provide a link to an external file
PlatformFile Type
  • Universal Windows Apps (UWP)
  • Windows Enterprise Installer (MSI)
  • PowerShell (PS1)
  • EXE

Number of Application versions

It is the number of app versions the admin is allowed to upload on the Enterprise Store. This is dependent on the subscription plan

Subscription PlanNumber of versions
Modern Enterprise Plan [Customers from the year 2020 onwards]Unlimited
Business [Year 2023 onwards]Unlimited

Legacy Enterprise Plan [Customers who subscribed before the year 2020]

Business 2020 (before March 2023)Two
Subscribers on the Modern Enterprise Plan will see all the old versions of the enterprise apps that were uploaded earlier.

Calculation of Storage space consumed

Modern Enterprise Plan and Business Plan

The total storage space consumed takes into account the sizes of all versions of the apps. That is, if you have 2 versions of App1, with each taking 60MB and 1 version of App2 taking 100MB, then we count the total storage space consumed as 220MB (60 + 60 + 100).

AppsPlatformNo. of versionsApp size
App 1Android260 MB each
App 2iOS1100 MB

Total Space consumed = 220 MB (60 +60 + 100)

To free up space, older versions can be deleted.

Other Subscription Plans

For subscribers to the Legacy Enterprise Plan, Business 2020, and Growth Plan, the total storage space consumed is taken into account in the following way.

PlatformApp size calculation
AndroidTopmost version
macOS, iOS, WindowsAll versions

Going by the above example, the total storage space consumed would be calculated as 120MB (60 + 100). Here, it takes into account the topmost version of App1.

Space for External Links

Please note the apps uploaded via external links are NOT included in the total storage space consumed since external links are hosted on public servers. Thus, as long as there is space for a single app, N number of versions can be uploaded, and once the space is exhausted, external links can be used.

To learn the process of uploading, publishing, installing/uninstalling enterprise apps, here are a few links for reference:

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