Device User Accounts Report
  • 05 Mar 2024
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Device User Accounts Report

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Article summary

The report on Device User Accounts includes valuable user account data for all devices that have been enrolled. This feature allows you to access and retrieve user details from every single device listed in your inventory. The information provided in this document outlines the various user account data that can be found in the report.


  1. Devices should be enrolled with Scalefusion
  2. You should be subscribed to Modern Business, Legacy Enterprise or Modern Enterprise licenses
  3. For macOS, Scalefusion MDM Client's (agent app for Mac) latest version should be installed on the devices.


  • macOS, Windows


  1. On Scalefusion Dashboard, navigate to Reports & Workflows > Reports and click on Device User Accounts.
    Reports can also be accessed from the top navigation bar.
  2. Select Filters to configure your report.
    Select Device TypeSelect the device type from the drop-down:
    • All Devices
    • macOS
    • Windows
    Select Group(s)Select groups (all or specific) for which you want the user information. Both Device Groups and User Groups are displayed here. 
  3. After selecting filters, click on Download Report

Report Output

Based on selected filters, the report gets downloaded in XLSX format with the following details in two separate sheets:


This contains user account information for users existing on macOS devices:

  1. Device Name
  2. Device ID
  3. Full Name
  4. Username
  5. Generated UID
  6. UID
  7. GID
  8. Group Type
  9. Is Hidden
  10. Has Secure Token
  11. Shell
  12. Account Type
  13. Is Enrolled User
  14. Created At
  15. Last Updated At
  16. Home Directory
  17. Managed Email
  18. Apple ID
  19. Has Password
  20. Password Last Set At


This contains user account information for users existing on Windows devices:

  1. Device Name
  2. Device ID
  3. Username
  4. User SID
  5. Group Type
  6. Domain Name
  7. Host Name
  8. Account Type
  9. Is Enrolled User
  10. Is Hidden
  11. Is Autologin Enabled

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