Configure Branding for Windows Devices
  • 27 Sep 2023
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Configure Branding for Windows Devices

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Organizations prefer to enforce a particular branding on their managed Windows devices. Once your Windows 10 devices are enrolled in Scalefusion, you can use the Branding option to upload your wallpapers and then apply to the devices. In this document, we will see how to create & apply a Branding configuration.

Before You Begin

  1. Login to Scalefusion Dashboard
  2. Have access to one enrolled Windows 10 Pro and above PC.
  3. Have a couple of wallpaper images stored on your local computer.


Branding helps in applying a custom Wallpaper, both on Home screen and Lock screen of your Windows 10 managed devices. From the Dashboard, you can easily create a custom branding and apply it to Device Profiles. Follow the steps below to create a branding and then publish.

Create a Branding

  1. Navigate to Device Profiles & Policies > Branding. Click on CREATE NEW BRAND.
    1. Enter a name for your Branding so that you can refer to it when required.
    2. Lock Screen Message: Enter message that would be visible when the device screen is locked. This can also be taken as message displayed as a policy banner or one displayed right before the login window. Custom fields can also be entered as part of lock screen message. For example, $device.serial_no.
  2. Click on Windowstab. Under the Windows tab, you would see options to upload the following:
    1. Upload Brand Logo: You can replace the default Windows PC logo (that appears on the bottom left corner of screen), with your own Brand's logo by uploading it from this section. Brand Logo can be applied on devices enrolled under Multi-App kiosk - Agent mode. The screenshot below shows how a brand logo will appear on devices:
    2. Home screen wallpaper
    3. Lock screen wallpaper
  3. Click on Upload Home Screen Wallpaper and select a wallpaper from your local computer.
  4. Once the selected image is uploaded, you would see a visualization of how it may look on the device.
    Note that the depending upon screen resolution the image might appear differently than represented on Dashboard.

  5. Similarly click on the Upload Lock Screen Wallpaper, you can upload a wallpaper for lock screen. Once you have uploaded a lock-screen wallpaper, you can toggle between the visual representation using the Windows logo at bottom.
  6. Once you have reviewed your changes, click on SAVE BRAND button to save the brand. Once the brand is saved it will start appearing in the list of brands.

Publishing/Applying a Branding

  1. The next step is to apply the newly created brand to your devices. To do so click on Apply Brand option on the branding card,
  2. From the list of Device Profiles, select the device profile(s) where you want to publish this brand. Once you have selected the profiles, click on APPLY.
  3. Wallpaper changes are applied once the Windows 10 device restarts or the user Logs off and Logs In to the account.
    Windows branding can be applied to Windows Device Profiles only. It cannot be directly applied to devices.
    Once you have created a Brand, you can apply this Brand to a Device Profile by editing the profile and selecting the Brand in Settings > Branding section.

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