Device Information
  • 30 Dec 2023
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Device Information

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This section introduces you to the various information that Scalefusion collects from the device.

  1. To view the device information of a device, navigate to the Devices section.
  2. From the list of devices, click VIEW DETAILS on the device for which you want to see the information.
  3. This will open a Device-specific page with a snapshot of Device Information in a card view. Here you can see:
    1. Name & Last Seen -The Name & Last Seen time of the device.
      1. Scalefusion Pings your device every 5 minutes to see if the device is active or not. Based on this, the Last Seen time is updated. Currently, Scalefusion does not offer a way to define the Ping interval. But we plan to add it in our next releases.
    2. Alert if In-Active -If the device is Inactive, then an alert is displayed on top of the Information Card.
      1. Depending upon the in-activity duration that you have set in the Alerts section of Reports & Alerts and the response to device pings that Scalefusion sends every 5 minutes. Scalefusion calculates if the device is inactive for the defined duration and marks the device inactive.
    3. Alert if Management Removed -If the management has been removed, then an alert is displayed on top of the Information Card.
      1. When the user tries to Remove Management from the device and if the device has internet, then the device communicates with the Scalefusion Dashboard, and based on this, the information is updated.
    4. Basic Device Information - The following information is available.
Device Group NameThe group to which this device belongs.
Model & FirmwareThe device model & firmware.
Battery LevelThe last synced battery level. Note that there is an issue on iOS devices where the current battery level is not synced properly.
SupervisedIndicates if the device is Supervised or Not.
LicenseIf the device has a valid license or not.
Scalefusion VersionIf the Scalefusion add-on has been installed or not. Based on the installation status of Scalefusion app, the following will be displayed:
  • App version with App build number: When Scalefusion app is installed and launched by the user for the setup to finish.
  • App version (Provision Pending): When Scalefusion app is installed but provision is pending, that is, launching by the user is pending.

  • Not installed: When Scalefusion app is not installed.
OS VersionThe iOS version on the device
IMEI NumberThe IMEI number of the device if the device supports a SIM card.
Mac AddressThe Wi-Fi MAC address of the device.
Scalefusion allows you to view more information about a device. You can click on the Gear Icon next to the information card and select Full Device Information from the menu options. This contains some of the basic information and some extra information. Listed here are the extra details that are available.

Brand NameThe name of the brand that is applied, if any.
Model NameThe model name of the iOS device.
Serial NumberThe Serial number of the device.
ICCID NumberThe ICCID number, if available.
IMEI/MEID NumberThe IMEI or MEID number, if available.
Device CapacityApprox storage capacity on the device as reported.
Available CapacityAvailable storage capacity on the device as reported.
iTunes Account ActiveIf an iTunes account is configured.
Lost Mode EnabledIf lost mode has been enabled.
Do Not Disturb ModeIf Do Not Disturb mode has been enabled.
Find My Phone ActiveWhether Find My Phone is active or not.

The Phone number, if available.
CarrierCarrier information, if available.
Hotspot EnabledIf the Hotspot is enabled. Depends on the carrier.
Passcode CompliantIf the device is compliant with the passcode policy.
Device NotesAny additional Notes that you have added against the device.

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