MobiLock December 29th 2018 Release Notes
  • 29 Sep 2023
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MobiLock December 29th 2018 Release Notes

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Version Information

MobiLock Dashboard: v9.0.0

MobiLock Client: v5.0.1-695

-Patch Release: v5.0.2-597

FileDock Client: v2.0.0

RemoteCast Client: v3.3.0

Release Notes


  1. Drive your BYOD strategy with MobiLock's Unified Endpoint Management solution. Let your employees safely access Work apps and data with absolutely no intrusion into their personal space!! Get started using our help document here.
  2. We have added 20+ new settings for your EMM managed devices and additional password management settings.
  3. You can also allow an application to screen pin itself by allowing the lock task mode for that app.
  4. The third-party application should support screen pinning and should implement the API's as recommended by Android to leverage this feature. Works only on EMM managed devices.
  5. Configure and Publish Exchange ActiveSync settings on your EMM devices. Read our help document here.
  6. FileDock enhancements to make the content distribution even faster and secure for BYOD devices.
  7. Upgrades to the Remote Cast client for stability and compatibility for BYOD devices.
    The Android client release v5.0.1 has been patched by v5.0.2 to be in compliant with Google's new Play Store Compliance policies. To understand the potential impacts, please refer to our help document.

    This is a major update to MobiLock Android client and it now supports multiple enrollment modes. Please test this build on your test devices and/or 3-4 devices before making a full rollout.


  1. Control iOS software updates and choose to delay the updates up to 90 days. You can set this value in the iOS Profile > Restrictions > OS Updates.
  2. Now you can publish the App Configurations for iOS applications that you install from the Apple App Store or MobiLock Enterprise Store. Click on the application and from the sidebar select App Configurations.

The Team

Android BYOD Team: Afreen, Chandra, Himmat, Harish, Lalit, Neha, Prashant, Rizvan, Saili, Sruti, Tejashree, Tushar, Shubham, Ujwal

Android FileDock Team: Jameer, Naushad, Pooja, Prafull

iOS Team: Abhishek, Ashwini, Divya, Junip, Harish

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