MobiLock December 07th 2108 Release Notes
  • 29 Sep 2023
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MobiLock December 07th 2108 Release Notes

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Version Information

MobiLock client for iOS - v2.0.0

Patch Release - v2.0.2

Release Notes

  1. Introducing MobiLock DeepDive. It allows you to have a 360-degree overview of the entire device inventory inside the MobiLock dashboard. Learn more about MobiLock DeepDive here.
  2. MobiLock Presentation is now avaible for iOS Devices. Now you can turn your iOS devices into Digital Signage Kiosk and publish your content and run them in a continuous loop. Read our guide to understand more on Presentation mode and Digital Signage.
  3. Data Usage Report for iOS - Collect data usage report for all of your iOS devices and view them on the dashboard. Now you will receive alert notification when a data usage limit is crossed. Read our user guide to know more about Data Usage Report.

Development Team

DeepDive: Ashwini, Harish, Sankalp, Shubham, Tejashree.

iOS Presentation and Digital Signage: Jay, Prafull.

Data Usage: Pooja, Sheshnath.

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