Configure Login Screen
  • 18 Jun 2024
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Configure Login Screen

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Article summary

The login window screen settings in macOS devices can be customized through the System Preferences. These configurations allow you to display a list of users, adjust the appearance of the login window, show control buttons, and more. The login window will appear based on the configured preferences, such as when the user logs out, wakes up the Mac from sleep mode, or tries to access the screen from screensaver mode.  Scalefusion as an MDM provides feature to remotely configure login window settings for macOS devices.

This article describes settings for configuring login screen.

  1. In Keycard configuration window, navigate to Keycard UI
  2. There are two sections:
    1. Branding
    2. Options

Following are the settings under both sections

  • Branding: Allows you to configure the appearance of login screen with following settings:
Organization LogoChoose to use the organization logo or Configure a logo to display it on the Login screen. Following are the options to choose from:
  • Do Not Configure: No logo will be displayed
  • Use Organization Logo: Uses the logo uploaded on the Organization Info screen
  • Configure a custom logo: Upload a custom logo for the login screen with the maximum dimensions as 300*300. png, jpg and jpeg file types can be selected.
WallpaperChoose a wallpaper to display on the Login screen. Following are the options to choose from:
  • Do Not Configure: Displays grey screen
  • Configure a custom Wallpaper: Upload a custom wallpaper which will be displayed on the login screen with the maximum dimensions 3840*2160. png, jpg and jpeg file types can be selected. 
Login Screen MessageConfigure a Message to displayed on Login screen. Following are the options to choose from:
  • Do Not Configure: No message will be displayed
  • Configure a Custom message: Configure a message to be displayed on login screen. Enter message in the text area of up to 500 characters. Custom properties are also supported here. Hence you can use placeholders like $device.imei_no or $device.serial_no

  • Options: Allows you to configure additional controls displayed on login screen. Toggle on the ones you want to display. The options are:
Power Options
  • Shut Down
  • Restart
  • Sleep
Utility Options
  • Wifi Button
  • Help Button: If this is toggled off, the help window options will be disabled.
Help Window Options
  • Device Information tab
  • Organization Information tab
  • App Info Tab
  • Support tab
Configure Support messageConfigure a support message. If you do not enter anything, a default message is also displayed.

  • Screen Preview

Once you have configured the settings, you can preview it from Dashboard and see how the screen will look like on the end user's device, based on the configurations. Click on Screen Preview link on the top right. This will open a new window.

Help Window options and support message will not be displayed on the preview window. However, they will be visible on the device.

On Device

Following is an example of how the login screen will appear to the user, on saving the Keycard configuration and publishing on the device.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: We have published Keycard on macOS device but the branding which is applied does not reflect on the login page. Any reasons?

Answer: This could be because FileVault is enabled on your device. When FileVault is enabled, then you will be shown the macOS login screen (as shown below) first and then the Keycard screen.  

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