Check Point MTD Integration
  • 04 Jun 2024
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Check Point MTD Integration

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Check Point Harmony Mobile is a comprehensive mobile security solution designed to protect organizations from mobile threats and secure corporate data on employees' devices.

The Harmony Mobile Protect App, available for iOS and Android, is designed to analyze potential threats and safeguard devices. By monitoring device configurations, app activities, and network connections, it detects suspicious or malicious behaviors on the devices.

Scalefusion’s Integration with Check Point Harmony Mobile

When Check Point Harmony Mobile is integrated with Scalefusion, IT Admins can leverage the automatic deployment of Harmony Mobile app on their Scalefusion managed devices. The added advantage of this is that the app will be automatically configured and activated on the devices, removing the need for manual interaction and a seamless user experience.

IT Admins can easily quarantine devices based on the risk assessment and the devices will automatically move to the quarantine groups having the respective policies that will apply on the devices. Once the device(s) are deemed safe it will automatically move back to the last applied group.


  1. An account with Check Point Infinity portal.

  2. Create Quarantine Device Groups (for Company owned devices) and/or User Groups (for BYO devices) on the Scalefusion dashboard, where the devices need to be moved to, based on the threats detected by Check Point Harmony MTD.

  3. Android Devices must be EMM managed and iOS devices (Company Owned) must be Supervised to silently distribute Harmony Protect app to the devices.

Supported Operating Systems (OS)

Harmony Mobile app is supported on:

  1. Android - Version 8.x or higher.

  2. iOS/iPadOS - Version 13.x or higher.

Integrating Check Point Harmony Mobile with Scalefusion

Harmony Mobile seamlessly integrates with Scalefusion, offering essential device risk assessment capabilities. This assessment can be utilized to either quarantine the device or enact a set of policies until the device is deemed safe.

Refer to our guide on the integration steps.

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