BYOD user support in Eva messenger
  • 04 Oct 2023
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BYOD user support in Eva messenger

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Article summary

Eva Messenger component provides Chat & Voice Call (VoIP) functionality between administrators and devices on field. One of the important functionality is Device to device chat and it was supported for the non-BYOD enrolled devices. Now we have enabled it for the BYOD enrolled devices. Let's learn how this can be done.

BYOD users can chat with each other on their devices through Eva messenger. The document describes how this can be done.

Before You Begin

  1. Eva Communication Suite should be enabled for your account.
  2. All the devices should be updated to Eva Client v3.6.0.2125
  3. Device to device chat setting should be enabled.
  4. Users should be enrolled through the BYOD enrollment.
  5. Users should be added in same user-group.
  6. Eva Client is setup on user's devices.

How it works

  1. Admin has created a user-group & added the users into this user-group.
  2. On the user's devices, Eva is installed & setup is done.
  3. Admin has enabled the 'Device to Device chat' setting.
  4. On a user's device, the list of other users will be shown. Those users are from the same user-group.
  5. User can click on '+' icon & choose a user from the 'Users' tab.
  6. A conversation view will be opened where user can start chatting with the other user.


  1. If a single user has enrolled 3 devices, then on Eva messenger side, only a user will be shown & not the 3 devices.
  2. A message sent to a user will be redirected to all 3 devices.

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