Scalefusion April 8th, 2021 Release Notes
  • 28 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion April 8th, 2021 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v27.0.1

Scalefusion Android Client: v7.5.0-IC(796)

Scalefusion Windows MDM Agent: v1.0.2

Release Notes:

  1. Dashboard
    1. Scalefusion New Dashboard Changes: Revamped our product dashboard by completely redesigning it from the ground up, to offer an improved user experience to the end users. Refer to help document Scalefusion - New Dashboard Changes for the New Dashboard changes.
    2. Reports: Added or enhanced below reports.
    3. WiFi Connectivity History Report: This Report gives dashboard users historical information about WiFi connectivity like connected networks (SSID), Online/Offline duration and Average Signal strength of used networks (SSIDs). The report also gives a summary of connected networks (SSIDs) that is the total connected devices and average signal strength of networks for an account. Supported for Android and Windows Platforms.
    4. Battery History Report Enhancement: Support for Windows platform
    5. App Version Report Enhancement: Now Admin can get the Applications version report based on the Profile.
  2. Workflow Enhancements
    1. Clear files and broadcast messages Workflow for Android: Now admin can schedule tasks to clear Audio, Videos, and Photos stored in the Gallery and Broadcast messages from managed devices.
  3. Android
    1. Enhanced Android BYOD flow by IDp-based Enrollment: Scalefusion now allows Users to Sign In using their SAML which is Okta or PingOne, Gsuite and Office 365 (Azure AD) credentials and enroll the managed devices.
    2. Enhanced Branding by Boot/Shutdown Animation: The default boot-up and shutdown animation in an Android device is usually the device manufacturer logo. Scalefusion lets you personalize these animations as needed and allows you to brand them as required. This feature is available for the Enterprise plan only and Support for Lenovo devices only.
    3. Minor enhancements 
      1. Hotspot support for OS 8 and above devices (Wingman and Knox-supported devices)
      2. Showing Blocked URL on Scalefusion Browser: Whitelist website if browsed on the Scalefusion browser and has any external link which is not allowed/whitelisted then we usually display the blocked page. Now users can view those blocked links on the blocked page. This will help the admin to debug the blocked URL issues and give necessary permissions to access allow/block sites.
      3. BYOD Enhancement-Scalefusion now allows by default access to the Google Play Store app for the BYOD users. Admin can disable this access using BYOD Profile settings.
      4. Improved SIM swap notifications feature.
      5. General Enhancements & Bug Fixes

The Team:

Development: Mohit, Shashank, Tejashree, Chandra, Lalit, Himmat, Ujwal, Nitin, Divya, Vivek, Shubham

QA: Abhishek, Ashwini, Preeti, Priyanka, Saili, Viraj, Suraj, Neha

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