Scalefusion April 21st, 2021 Release Notes
  • 28 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion April 21st, 2021 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v27.1.0

Release Notes:

  1. Android
    1. Additional Runtime Permissions for Play for Work Apps: Now you can configure additional runtime permissions for an approved Play for Work Apps. Prior to this release, Scalefusion used to display only the permissions with level Dangerous, now this has been expanded to show other permissions that the app requires.
    2. Preventing Packages in Enterprise Store that Exist in Play for Work Apps: Due to the challenges in distributing the application if it is uploaded to the enterprise store and PfW apps, we are blocking the option to upload the same package via Enterprise store if it has been approved from PfW apps.
  2. iOS & macOS
    1. Remotely Set Device Name: This feature allows you to set the name of the managed device from Dashboard,
      1. Naming Convention: While creating an Enrollment configuration you can enable the option the update the name on device chosen as naming convention once the devices are enrolled.
      2. Change Device Name: Admins can choose to apply the name to the device when changing the device name from Device Details page.
    2. Lost Mode Message & Phone Number: Now you can configure a message and a phone number that is shown when the device is marked as Lost.
  3. Windows
    1. App Visibility State in Multi-App Kiosk Mode: You can now set an app to be hidden but still enable it while configuring a Windows profile in Kiosk mode (Allowed/Whitelist app mode). Marking a device Visible shows the tile for this app and unchecking the Visible flag hides the tile for this app from Windows home screen.
    2. Block Win32 Apps in Multi-App Kiosk Mode: Admins can now add Win32 apps to the list of blocked apps when configuring a profile with Blocked/Blacklisted apps. The Win32 apps reported by device will be listed in the profile and additional un-detected/not yet installed apps can be blocked via the option of Add Win32 App option.
    3. Option to set Microsoft Edge as Kiosk Browser App: Now you can choose MS Edge as an option when you select to configure a Browser app as the Kiosk application in Windows Profile > Restrictions.

The Team:

Development: Rajan, Shubham, Ujwal

QA: Viraj, Suraj, Preeti

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