Scalefusion April 14th, 2023 Release Notes
  • 26 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion April 14th, 2023 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v44.0.0

Scalefusion Android Agent: v10.0.16

Release Notes:

  1. SIM Binding: IT Admins can now choose to bind the SIM cards to a device or bind a device to a SIM Card.
    1. SIM Lock: On Samsung Knox, IT Admins can choose to set a SIM PIN which binds the SIM to the device and the user will be asked for the PIN if they attempt to use the SIM on other devices.
    2. SIM-Device Binding: Bind a device to a SIM ensuring that if the user removes the SIM, then the device usage will be blocked.
  2. Shared Company Owned Devices: We have extended the user-based enrollment and now company-owned Android devices can be shared between employees giving each employee an option to Sign In and Sign Out of the device. The profile/policies of the devices are updated based on the signed-in user.
    NOTE: The employees can Sign In/Sign Out only if the device is online.

  3. Freeze Periods for OS Updates: IT Admins can now define freeze periods for Android OS updates, during which all OS and security updates will be ignored.
    NOTE: The employees can Sign In/Sign Out only if the device is online.

  4. Profile-based Passcode Policy: Allows for customization of passcode/password policy based on groups or profiles for all platforms.

  5. Google Play Protect-based Device Scans: We have integrated with the latest Google Play Protect APIs to scan the devices for integrity & compliance.

  6. Deleting Guest users: To overcome policy misconfiguration, Scalefusion now deletes all guest users if Guest mode access is disallowed.

  7. Ability to Set Time Format: In addition to setting the time of the device, users can now choose to set the format between 12/24 hr.

  8. Bug Fixes
    1. Resolved issue with Brightness on RealMe devices.
    2. Resolved issues with Inactivity Compliance Workflow by adding definite schedules of Email deliveries.
    3. Optimization of setup screens for smaller screen devices.
    4. Fixes to the Geofence Workflow behavior which now handles Geofence switches better and properly.


Team Scalefusion

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