Scalefusion April 10th, 2023 Release Notes
  • 26 Sep 2023
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Scalefusion April 10th, 2023 Release Notes

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Version Information:

Scalefusion Dashboard: v43.0.0

Scalefusion MDM Agent (Application for Windows): v9.0.12

Windows SF Deployer: v1.0.2.0

Release Notes:

  1. Windows Auto-Enrollment: The Windows Agent app can be configured to auto-enrol post installation using either Serial# or Enrollment Code by following any of the two approaches below. This will help drive enrollment of company-owned devices on Windows.
    1. The Windows agent can be deployed via other MDMs or MSI deployment tools by configuring additional command line parameters to indicate that a silent enrollment post installation is required. Visit here for more information.
    2. IT Admins can use SF Deployer to generate a custom SF agent and pass command line parameters so that when the end user installs this SF Agent it would auto-enrol. Visit here for more details.
  2. Support for AutoCreate Kiosk User in Multi-App Kiosk via Agent: We now support an auto-user account to be created with the given name and without a password in multi-app kiosk mode driven via the agent. This will help with agent-driven Multi-App Kiosk/Single App Mode cases where a user without a password needs to be created.

  3. Support for $device.enrollmendUserSID in App Locker Policy: Now, the App Locker can be applied only to the user that enrolled the device by simply specifying $device.enrolledUsersid. This will ensure that the policy is applied only to the user who enrolled the device rather than any other group.


Development: Shubham Dhakad

QA: Abhishek Pal, Sagar Lasurkar

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