Apple Settings
  • 06 May 2024
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Apple Settings

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Article summary

From this section you can configure additional settings for better management of iOS and macOS devices. This article describes settings offered under Scalefusion Dashboard and how IT Admins can configure them.

How to Access

These settings can be configured by navigating to Utilities > Global Settings > Apple Settings on Scalefusion Dashboard.

Email Notification Settings

Select to whom the email notifications must go so that your team is aware of when the renewal dates are getting close. 

  1. On Scalefusion Dashboard, navigate to Utilities > Global Settings > Apple Settings.
  2. Select the feature(s)for which you want to send the notifications. Notifications for the following can be configured:
    1. APNS Renewal
    2. DEP Inactivity
    3. Invalid VPP
    4. Enterprise App Expiry: iOS enterprise applications use Inhouse Provisioning Profile which has a validity of 12 months. Once the profile expires, the enterprise applications cannot be installed on the device. As a result, the concerned developers need to release a new version of the app with a renewed profile. By configuring settings from here, an email reminder is sent to the Admin for them to contact the app developer for a new version of the application. For enterprise app expiry, you can also configure when to send the app expiry notifications. The options are:
      1. Before 1 week
      2. Before 2 weeks
  3. For each feature, select the roles to whom you want to notify. Notifications can be sent to Account Owner, Co-account manager(s), Device Admin(s), and/or Group Admin(s). 
  4. After selecting, click on Save Settings

User Account Management Settings

Capture and sync Apple ID of user accounts

For Scalefusion managed macOS devices, you can capture the Apple IDs of user accounts. The ID captured and synced is shown at following places: 

  1. Device Info (Full Device Information > Device info), under iTunes Account Id
  2. Device User Accounts Report
  3. User account information on clicking Info icon in User Accounts section

To capture Apple ID,

  1. Navigate to Utilities > Global Settings > Apple Settings
  2. Under User Account management settings, select one of the options from the drop-down:
    1. Not Configured: If you select this option, the Apple ID is not captured and shown as N/A
    2. Only Enrolled User: The Apple ID of only the enrolled user gets captured
    3. All User Accounts: Captures Apple IDs of all user accounts existing on the device
  3. Click on Save Settings

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